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"Creative Thinkers, and Jen, are just amazing. As a parent who has gone the gamut with different types of daycare providers of the last 7 years, she really is the best. The home-style quality and care is there, but also the programming is amazing. It's just as great, if not way better, than the educational programming we received from top centers. My children do not have to deal with "turnaround" of their favourite caregivers, and my daughter truly has a "second home." There is a center closer to our home (walking distance) that had a place for my daughter and there's just no way - we make the drive each day since Jen is SO awesome!"

Katelyn De Freitas, May 1st, 2019

"My family has been with Jen since 2014. Words cannot express how wonderful she is and how lucky we feel to have her in our lives. My two boys are kind, gentle, curious and confident because of her. Jens daycare is a family. Im happy to elaborate further through PM for those interested."

Roxanne Marsh, April 18, 2019

"We had Jen as a daycare provider for our daughter. When I had to return to work it was difficult to imagine my daughter being with another person every day all day when it had been me for the first year of her life. That said, as soon I walked into Jen's home I knew she was the right person and that I could trust her. From the moment I met Jen I could see the passion she had for her job, she plans out the children's day with educational and fun activities as well as nutritional meals/snacks. My daughter is no longer with Jen (I am on maternity leave with my second child) but she still asks about her and I know the wonderful personality and sense of humour my daughter has is in part due to the care Jen provided and confidence instilled in her."

Heather Orr, Jan 29th 2014

"We love Jen. She is so amazing with our daughter. As a result, Paige often doesn't want to come home with me in the evening because she enjoys it so much at Creative Thinkers. That tells me she is getting the highest quality of care. Not only is Jen’s program fun its educational, and I attribute many of Paige’s advancements to Jen and the time she spends with her every day. I am thankful that Jen had an opening when I decided to go back to work. The peace of mind we have is invaluable."

Vicki Dolbeck , Jan 27th 2014

"Jen Martin is exceptional at what she does. Her passion and enthusiasm is palpable. I have had 2 children attend and my daughter continues to attend. Jen continuously had the children engaged in educational and stimulating activities and there is no tv time which we view as a huge positive! I feel that Jen had helped prepare our children for school not only from a scholastic perspective but by helping to create kind and compassionate little people!"

Jocelyne Tipple , Jan 21st 2014

"My daughter attends this day care and every day I drop her off I know that she is in a safe environment. She is loved and learning and growing every day. She is receiving all the stimulation and socialization she would get in a large daycare centre but in a small home setting, where she receives more one on one attention. Jen Martin loves what she does and all the kids love her right back."

Christine Hodgson, Jan 20th 2014

"I have had both my children in this daycare, my daughter is currently still attending and I continue to be impressed by the quality of care that the children receive. The daycare is bright, clean and full of toys and activities to keep little ones happy and stimulated all day long. Both of my children were/are always happy to go to Jen's and I am happy going to work knowing that my child is safe, happy and loved. I am so very happy to have found Jen and her wonderful daycare centre!"

Melissa Graves, Jan 19th 2014

"Having experienced a variety of childcare providers in the past with my older child, I feel a little more appreciative of the value of a truly exceptional home daycare provider and Jen Martin is just that. I love her clear and obvious passion for what she does, the structure and professional level to which she runs her business and the dedication to the quality of service she provides. As parents we are well informed of the incredible menu, the events of the day, upcoming events, themes and more."

Danielle Alderman , Jan 17th 2014